About Rawkin' H Highlands

A unique trio, Robert, Amanda and Whitney were fast friends and I guess you could call family. Amanda's brother was shacking up with Robert's stepdaughter, when one day there was an electrical fire in the shop at Amanda and Whitney's Lake house. The suburban lesbians had no clue where to start once the flames were extinguished and upon the recommendation of Amanda's brother they called Robert. Robert is a California Cowboy and just so happens to be an electrician, or was one in a different life. That call to him, that day so long ago was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The girls would call upon the California Cowboy for many things throughout the years, plumbing issues, fence building, the boat will not start, a new raised garden bed, the truck is making a funny noise, let's buy a new boat, new home construction plans etc... This is how Robert earned the title "house husband" that he is so lovingly referred to as. The three of them have gone through many things together and have a respect, understanding and love for each other that is without condition.

It was not a surprise to many when they joined forces and started a business together. Amanda and Whitney are entrepreneurs by nature and own several other businesses independently. Robert has also owned several businesses and has a good strong work ethic and similar goals. The surprise to their family and friends was the nature of the business. CATTLE? Amanda and Whitney are clean eating vegetarians and did I mention, Buddhist? They have no idea what owning a cattle ranch looks like nor have they ever stepped onto one. The California Cowboy on the other hand has. Robert has successfully raised cattle for a number of years and is there to reel the girls in when they need it. He keeps them grounded and based in reality. Let's face it, he takes exceptional care of the cows and the girls just have a good time learning and stepping in when needed.

Whitney is a retired RN, barista, nutrition guru, and wife to Amanda. She loves her family, laundry, essential oils, music and gardening. She spends her time learning about the Scottish Highland breed and can tell you some really random facts about them. She knows all about the lineage of all their cows and has engrossed herself in learning all about the health and overall well being of the animals. She is not fond of the Bees, however she loves honey. All types of honey...wildflower honey, jalapeño honey, cinnamon honey, lavender honey, you get the gist. She is currently working to overcome her fear of our beautiful buzzing friends.

Amanda is a retired social worker, foodie, cook, and wife to Whitney. She has 32 nieces and nephews that she and Whitney adore. She was born and raised in Oklahoma and left the minute she could. She spent many years traveling only to find herself back in the small town she grew up in with a much deeper appreciation for all it has to offer. She enjoys the lake life and is not much help with the cows. She is up to give them treats, however, don't call her in a cow emergency. She enjoys brushing and playing with them but she is better at contributing in other ways. She loves to drive the tractor, cut grass, cook a wonderful meal or check on the bees.

Robert is the real hero in this operation. He has a 8-5 job with a lot of responsibility. His day job sometimes gets in the way of farm life. He does have to travel from time to time and when he is gone, he is missed. Robert grew up in California and was most likely the only one in Hunnington Beach wearing boots. He is a father to five children and recently a bachelor. He enjoys hunting ducks, building things with his buddies and working on projects for his friends and family. He is full of life and up for an adventure, his "wives" Amanda and Whitney keep him spontaneous and when you are in the company of the three of them you will definitely be laughing.