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Rawkin' H Highlands was a conversation that kept happening as Robert, Amanda and Whitney would spend time together. This conversation would happen as they spent sunny afternoons boating on Lake Eufaula, sipping a cold beverage on the deck, and in the car headed to pick up supplies for one of many projects that someone in the group had going on. The mention of the vision of cattle roaming free in the beautiful pasture behind Robert's home would always come up, regardless of where they were or what they would be doing. The idea of having cattle manifested over the course of several years when one day they decided "lets do it", and have not looked back.
Robert is the practical one in this venture, he is the one with the knowledge of the animals and has had cattle for many years prior to this adventure. Amanda and Whitney "The Girls" as commonly referred to, only had a fantasy of what "Farm Life" would look like. They are quickly realizing the reality of all that it truly entails. Now that the Trio had committed to pulling the trigger, a lot of decisions needed to be made. The biggest decision was on what breed of cattle, and as soon as Whitney looked at a Scottish Highland, the decision was made. Upon learning more about the breed, the conclusion was that they had the best fit for the vision they had been dreaming of.

The scene is set in East Central Oklahoma where Coal, Cowboys, railroads and history all come together. This is the home of our beautiful fold as well as several notable Cowboys. The town of Henryetta, OK is small, however very charming and we must mention its nickname is the Rodeo Cowboy capital of the World! That said there are beautiful cattle ranges all over the county, and that Cowboy hospitality is a warm, neighborly feeling that makes this place a great one to hang your hat.

The vision for Rawkin' H, Robert, Amanda, Whitney "RAW" was a play on words in essence. It is obviously their initials, however they had also been dreaming of the Bee life. Raw honey was a goal as the health benefits are amazing. Amanda and Whitney are not your typical ranchers as they do not eat beef, and haven't in a number of years. They are really into nutrition and spend a lot of time trying to create a self sustaining environment. How better to do that then to raise quality beef in the most humane way and have a beautiful, thriving apiary. This harmonious combination is rewarding, enlightening, humbling and very educational. If you have the time to sit for a bit and observe you will learn that the cows all have unique personalities, the bees on the other hand will blow your mind. They are ingenious little insects and serve such a huge purpose.

The old adage "it takes a village" could not be any more appropriate for what is happening at the farm. We are extremely fortunate to have a group of people willing to help us out. We have surrounded ourselves with some folks that are full of knowledge and willing to help and share their expertise at any time. We are constantly growing our fold, our colony, as well as our knowledge. We are humble folks always open to suggestions, from our Vets, fellow cattleman, neighbors, our friends, new and old alike. We enjoy helping other realize their dreams as well.

It is important for us to preserve the integrity of the breed of cattle and maintain the original Highland breed standards. We also hope to inspire healthier communities by connecting people with real food. It is our goal to do this by raising a quality product while implementing sustainable practices to help the next generation.

If you would like to know more about us or our Farm, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Robert, Amanda & Whitney

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