Rawkin' H Buzz


The BUZZZ around Rocking H this week is loud with activity. The California Cowboy was called to TX to make sure things were working smoothly with the tower company. Things seemed to go swell for him as he only had to be gone a couple of days. We have gotten several alerts on our Moo Call informing us of some high activity on one of our expectant mommas, Karen. We love the addition of the Moo Call as it will help ease our over active minds. Karen does not seem to mind the additon of the monitor on her tail, however she was somehow able to knock it off. One of our fellow hands found it in the pasture. We are thinking she will calf really soon, she is as big as a Buick!

We are planning a trip to Brighton Co next weekend to visit Clear Water Springs Ranch and pick up a new girl, Birdie. We are excited for her to join our ladies and have been preparing the quarantine stables for her arrival. You all know, we are all about the Bio Security of our fold. We are going to do everything we can to keep these babies as healthy as we can.

The temp around the place is starting to drop a bit and the Fluffy Cows are loving it. The Bees are also sensing a change and working diligently. The hive expansion from a couple weeks ago has proven necessary. The Bees have drawn out so much new comb and are doing a beautiful job. Any fellow Bee keepers notice that your bees do not like the black frames? Our bees, for whatever reason are at war with them. They will not do anything with them at all, we gave it several good ole college tries and notta! We removed them and replaced them with the wooden frames and man, they are diggin it. We will put some comparison pics on here somewhere, as soon as we can either convince someone to do it for us or one of us actually figures out how to work this website. i am a gambler and i am betting on the first one.

We are looking to grab about 100 new bales of hay in an attempt to have our hay storage stocked up for the upcoming winter months. we are all about being prepared. This will be our first winter with the Highlands here in Oklahoma and i bet they are going to be so happy. I know they say happy cows come form California, but maybe bringing the California Cowboy to Oklahoma will help.

In other news we lost a ranch hand this week to greener pastures, at least that is the hope from us. She worked with us for about 6 months and all the cows love her. Sometimes the cowgirl has to ride away for a bit, we hope that her journey may some day bring her back down the Lane to join us at Rawkin' H.

Hope you all are having a great week...will check in again soon.